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Client Testimonials



Kelly is an experienced exerciser who has been involved in fitness for years.  

As a recent new mom she was looking for a change to her exercise routine. 

Watch the video to see what her experience has been like.

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For Angela, it was all about timing. 

She had hit a wall with her fitness, it was holding her back from truly enjoying many of the things she loved to do.  

Frustration pushed her to step beyond what she knew and out of her comfort zone. 

Watch the video to see what she’s learned over the past year.

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 Sam had been working out regularly and training hard. His friend convinced him to try something different. 

Watch the video to hear what surprised him.

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As someone who has worked out for years, Kirk was finding that his current routine was becoming a little repetitive. 

He saw great results when first starting his fitness journey, but over the years, the return from his investment of time and money began to fade. 

Watch the video to see how Kirk feels about his investment today. 

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Skyla didn’t want to lose weight. She didn’t need to lose weight. 

Her co-worker had been telling her about The Rep Room and Skyla decided to try something more then just walking her dogs for exercise. 

Watch the video to see what her experience was like as someone completely new to going to a gym. 

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Lina was pursing a physically demanding career and needed to improve her fitness.  

She focused on cardio but knew she needed to get strong too. This is what motivated her to join The Rep Room. 

Watch the video to see how she was able to be consistent and develop the strength she needed. 

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Class Descriptions

Body Blast


Body Blast is a high intensity fat burning workout that attacks your health and fitness. It uses traditional weight lifting movements to impart a muscle building stimulus with high volume sets and reps to kick your metabolism into high gear, burning calories all day long.

Equipment used will include resistance bands, dumbbells and body weight for the ultimate burn.

Limited equipment is used making these workouts easy for you to take them in and outside the gym!

Boot Camp


This class combines traditional weight lifting exercises along with general physical fitness movements in a circuit style interval training intense workout.

Exercises are selected to cover the key seven movement patterns of daily life and structured to improve power, strength and endurance.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure effective coaching of the movements ensuring safe and effective execution of exercises.

Participants enjoy the benefits of increase strength, power and endurance along with the benefit of participating in a supportive and encouraging group environment.

Booty and Core


A group exercise class that will focus on the lower body and abdominal area using minimal equipment in this high intensity sculpting session.

Strength Conditioning


This class is combat style application driven with emphasis on improving full body performance.

Each class is built using combat specific movements which are highly effective for fat loss and improving your stamina/endurance. Participants in this class will notice a significant improvement performing activities that require prolonged physical exertion.



A class build around functional movements performed at high intensity.

Including a mixture of weightlifting, gymnastics, and strength and conditioning, in a fun and encouraging environment.


  A class structured around building strength in the key movements of squatting, deadlifting  and pressing.

Each class will start with a focus on the primary movement pattern. Careful instruction on technique and execution will ensure safety with heavy loads. 

As the class progresses, accessory and metabolic work will increase to provide a well rounded exercise session. 

Striking & Conditioning

A class that ensures proper striking technique instruction to prevent injury and combines high energy, metabolic movement to create a high energy, fat blasting training session. 

Working with partner and bags will be a part of this class. 

Body Building

This class focuses on learning how to use weighs as a sculptor uses a chisel.

This class will focus on exercise execution to create the maximal growth stimulus for the muscle.

Kettle Bell


This class will use kettle bells in a variety of ways to develop power, strength and endurance in the 7 key movement patterns of life.

Mom and Tot

Even though it involves kids, this is by no means an easy or stepped down workout. 

Paralleling all the intensity of our regular classes, this program will provide an intense, heart pumping session but with the flexibility to bring your young ones. 

A special area is blocked off complete with toys, books and colouring activities to keep kids occupied while you get your workout in. 



Shred incorporates resistance bands, dumbbells and body weight for the ultimate burn. This moderate-high intensity workout aims to strengthen the entire body with a core focus, and is interval based. 

We use limited equipment allowing you to take these exercises anywhere you go!