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“Best decision I have ever made for myself!

Work outs are always changing and challenge your whole body. They even have recovery programs, such as mobility to help with deeper squats, and prevent injuries.

Class sizes kept small to ensure the coaches are giving everyone hands on proper coaching and ensuring effective training.

No one is judgemental, everyone is encouraging no matter your size, age or ability.

Members and coaches really support each other. Just the other day, a member I rarely work out with messaged me to discuss goals and offered support. It truly is a community.”

Sarah’s story

“Prior to joining The Rep Room, I was a long-time member of a large chain fitness centre and was content until Covid 19 hit.

I believe in the correlation between physical health and mental health. With social isolation, and the closure of business, my fitness routine was shattered.

My work went from being mobile and active to sedentary and confined to my home office. Without the ability to work out both my physical and mental health were on a decline.

Then my friend introduced me to The Rep Room.

Being a smaller, family run gym, they were better equipped to be nimble and adapt to the confines of Covid19. They never stopped working out and were able to offer creative solutions allowing their clients to stay active.

I joined July 2nd and I feel as though I’ve been a member for longer because of the welcoming culture at The Rep Room. The people here are super friendly and encouraging.

Everyone is working at their own level and the coaches provide a lot of one-on-one feedback to help you to be your best self.

I have peace of mind knowing that if another wave of lock downs occur, The Rep Room has a plan for their members to continue working out and not lose ground on what you have accomplished.

If you are someone that wants to get serious about your physical health and want to do this in a friendly, supportive environment, then The Rep Room is for you!”

April’s story

“Awesome staff! Knowledgeable, friendly and focused on helping me obtain realistic fitness goals.

The Rep Room offers a refreshing array of different style workouts to keep you engaged and motivated.

The Rep Room, in my opinion, is a boutique style gym and not a big box gym. Here you are not just another membership. The staff knows you and cares for you.

The workouts are for all levels of fitness regardless if you are just starting or a seasoned athlete.”

Jason’s story

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