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THE The Rep Room London Inc STORY

Jessica Bickell and Pete Mogan - OWNERS

The story of The Rep Room began back in 2015, long before there was a Rep Room, when Jessie and Pete first met.

Both searching for their soul mate, they connected online and chose to make their first date a meet up at the gym they were both members of.

Love blossomed quickly and very soon they were living together and planning what their future would look like.

At the time, Pete was working for a national orthopaedic device company, heading up their medical education department.

Pete would regularly attend surgical procedures, train new sales reps on procedures and teach new techniques to practicing orthopedic surgeons by operating on cadavers.

Jessie had recently given birth to her son and was at a transition point in her life. Her life prior to becoming pregnant was fraught with darkness and challenge. Becoming pregnant gave her the motivation and strength to escape and make a change she had desperately needed.

Having been active most of her life, and with some influence from Pete, Jessie decided to explore her interest in exercise and fitness as a potential carer. She has spent much of her life struggling with significant body image issues and fitness had played a major role helping her deal with them.

In her past, Jessie experience both unhealthy extremes. At times she was very skinny and at others very overweight. Regular exercise played a major role in improving her physical and mental health and felt she could help others.

No longer does Jessie suffer from the same society pressures that many women fall victim to. She has learned to embrace her physical appearance and celebrate all the incredible things here body can do.

Jessie began her fitness career working for a major chain, but quickly realized she could provide a better service to her clients unencumbered from corporate restrictions. Together Jessie and Pete discussed how Jessie could begin training people on her own from their home.

Quickly things grew. Jessie realized she could help more people in a group environment and realized that coaching groups of people was not a viable option from a home facility.

The name The Rep Room London came into existence in November of 2017. Prior to that, Jessie had operated under the name Jessie Bicks Fitness, but felt The Rep Room name had a broader appeal.

In March of 2020, just prior to lockdowns caused by the pandemic, Pete chose to join Jessie full time to help her manage and grow The Rep Room.

Much like Jessie, Pete had been quite active most of his life. Playing University football for the Western Mustangs and competing in body building and powerlifting. His personal experience coupled with his professional experience in health care and orthopaedic surgery provided him with a depth of knowledge that help the members of The Rep Room continue to progress to their goals.

Recently Pete experienced a traumatic accident while tobogganing with his family resulting in a multiple rib fractures, bruised organs, a fractured skull and a brain bleed. Pete made a rapid recovery much to the surprise of many of the doctors who treated him. A major contributor to his recovery has been attributed to excellent health and overall strength due to the many years he has spent training.

Despite the many challenges The Rep Room has faced, it has continued to grow, and the community has only gotten stronger. The Rep Room services a wide variety of members from 15 – 70+ in a supportive an encouraging environment.

At The Rep Room the focus is on building members capacity and capability, helping them to become their best selves and do all they can.

Jessie and Pete strive to live by example for their three children and their members. Demonstrating that regular exercise and fitness has a positive impact on all aspects of life, allowing you to experience everything life has to offer by building the physical and mental strength to face the many challenges that arise along the way.

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