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Unlock Your Strength Potential: Prioritize Dumbbells for Optimal Health and Performance

As we age and our health becomes a greater focus, building strength is one of the best ways to not only improve the length but also the quality of your life. When it comes to building strength, it’s best to avid the machines and prioritize Dumbbells!

Simplifying the Body

To simplify the complex mechanics of the human body, I like to split it into lower and upper halves Your lower body, anchored by the pelvis, is responsible for producing force and power, while your upper body, anchored by the rib cage, has dexterity and control.

The core connects the two and transmits force. The core allows the force and power produced by the lower body to be transmitted to the upper body to be imparted into the world.

Maximal force production will be enhanced by improved stability. The more stable a joint, the greater the force production of the muscles surrounding the joint.

Why to use Dumbbells

Using DBs requires far more stability than using barbells. Most lifters will agree that rarely, if ever can you use 50% of your barbell weight when using DBs.

By using DBs more often, you increase the strength and work capacity of the muscles that hold your skeleton in the correct position, ultimately improving force production.

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